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Tuscany has more woodland and a greater variety of trees than any other region in Italy. Although houses are built predominately of stone, wood is the element that creates a sense of warmth and beauty as well as a bond with the landscape. Beams are the most important feature in traditional construction techniques of Central Italy. The typical ceiling for a rustic home is comprised of a long "trave" (about 10-12 inches in diameter), trave maestra, crossed by numerous secondary beams, correnti, which sustain the ceiling tiles. Chestnut, Rovere oak, elm and poplar are the most commonly used woods. Tree trunks were traditionally left in their natural state, draw-knifed, neither planed nor squared off. We believe that these reaclaimed beams, each with its unique character add great charm to the interior of a home. All reclaimed building materials and wood is carefully selected and funigated before shipment.

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